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Libby Vincent - Speaker, Teacher, & Theologian.


Libby Vincent was born in Palo Alto, California and was raised in the Bay Area.  She has always had a vision for communicating with others in a clear and life changing way.  This desire came to fruition during her college years at UCLA where she began to follow Jesus and nurture her enthusiasm for making faith come alive in a genuine and authentic way.  After graduating from UCLA with a major in history, Libby attending Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.  Upon her graduation with a Masters of Divinity in Theology, Libby moved overseas and served as an Associate Pastor of Colinton Parish Church in Edinburgh, Scotland for 4 years while simultaneously pursuing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. After returning to the United States Libby joined the staff as an Associate Pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church for nine years.  While at Menlo Pres Libby ministered in the area of singles, university and adult ministries.

Currently residing in the Sacramento area, Libby teaches as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary in Northern California in the area of Systematic Theology and Theology and Film.  She travels extensively speaking at conferences and encouraging others on their faith journey.  Her struggle of having a child with autism has made her particularly passionate about helping people integrate the truths of the Christian faith with the realities of life. 

When not teaching or speaking, Libby spends most of her time negotiating life with  her husband of 20 years, Dan and her two teenagers-Maggie and Trent-along with their two dogs.